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Pasadena Magazine
? Status: Out Monthly
? As: Art Director
Encounters With Danger
? Status: Post-Production
? As: As: Clare
? Release Date: 2009
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Burning Palms
? Status: Post-Production
? As: Dr. Shelly
? Release Date: 2009
IMDB | Photos
The Beautiful Outsiders
? Status: Pre-Production
? As: Sarah Fugate
? Release Date: 2009
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Shannen's projects
I saw some new pics in the new Shannen's film called Growing the big one on the set.

Shannen in the event Spooky Empire's Horror Film Festival [ 09th October ] , with Dianna the host of ! you can see the pics in the gallery!
Video of Shannen at event Spooky Empires in Orlando,Florida on October 10, 2009!

But unfortanatly there is just around 10 seconds of her on around 1 minute mark
Sorry for the lack of updates but I'm quite busy at the moment. The site will get a make over really soon. I just need to finally decide on what pics I want for the next layout. If you have any wishes or suggestions let me know.
Also Shannen was out and about again since like forever looking stunning as always. I just love the red dress on her. Really really gorgeous and I love the bangs. I'm so jealous of her hair. It's so shiny and pretty *sigh* Love it! Anyways I added 042 HQ and MQ pics to the gallery! Enjoy!


Looks like Shannen has a new project up. Something more light and funny.
Shannen Doherty reportedly wants to use reality television to show she has a softer side.
The former Beverly Hills 90210 star is currently putting the finishing touches on a deal to appear in Shannen, a new reality series that will highlight her “lighter and funnier” side, E! News reported Friday.
“She's excited about it, because she doesn't want that stigma anymore of being a bitch,” a source told E! News. “They're still figuring out exactly how it will be done. It may even have some scripted elements.”
I' ve been sitting on these pics for a while now. Never got the chance to add them.
As many of you know Shannen and Sarah have been friends for a really long time and they still are. Shannen was at her baby shower a month ago. The pic with them hugging is so adorable!



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